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Solar Street Light split type 100W


- Energy saving solar street lights for project, low-carbon and cables free. 

- During the daytime, they are retracted, and absorbing solar energy. At dusk, they literally  light up, can last the whole night when they are full charged. 

- It can be controlled by Remote. Automatically turn on when dusk.

- Easy installation with fixing brackets, completely wireless. 

- Powered by a high-quality lithium rechargeable battery that's solar powered. 

- IP65 waterproof for outdoor. Each light works independently.

Product Specification

 Item CodeJD-TYL1010J JD-TYL3020JJ-TYL2015J

 LED Chip Power

 Photovoltaic Panel Size350*530*17mm350*610*17mm425*640*25mm
 Photovoltaic Panel power 6V, 25W Polysilicon6V, 30W Polysilicon6V, 40W Polysilicon
 Battery capacity 20Ah, 3.2V, Lithium battery30Ah, 3.2V, Lithium battery40Ah, 3.2V, Lithium battery
 Irradiated range 120m2/4-6 M Height200m2/6-8M Height300m2/8-10M Height
 LED Source SMD5730, 208PCSSMD5730, 400PCSSMD5730, 600PCS


 Die-casting Alumium housing, IP65
 LED Color 3000K/4000K/6500K
 Driver program Remote control+Charge indication
 Control function Lighting control, Remote Control
 Charging Time/ Working Time Charging time > 6 hrs, Working Time > 10 hrs

Product Sizes

solar street light.jpg

Product Features

solar street light feature.jpg

Packing Details

1 x solar street light in box

1 x Solar Panel with accessories in box


Solar outdoor lights for roads, villas, apartments, hotels, gardens, yards, backyards, pathways, balconies, corridors, Village Roads, etc.

solar garden lights.jpg

solar street light application.jpg



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