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Two factors that affect solar lights brightness

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1. The true power of solar lights

According to the conservation of energy, light energy is converted into electric energy, then electric energy finally converted into light energy for lighting. It is conceivable that in order to increase the brightness, it is necessary to increase the power of the photovoltaic panel, the battery capacity, optimize the control of the LED light source and control board system. 

As far as solar lamps currently in the market, people declare the power much higher than what it really is. Some solar lights manufacturers are accustomed to make fake high power by using more pieces of low-cost SMD LED chips. For example, solar lights with 600PCS LED chips are labeled as 300W , counting each led 0.5W, but the actual battery output power may be less than 15W totally.  

Therefore, if some people are confused why a 10W LED bulb light output look much brighter  than a 300w solar flood light, now we have the answer.

2. The output of battery is infected by the wire quality

As we all know, solar power light is an ultra-low voltage light fixture, and most civilians use 3.2V output. Therefore, to increase the power, the current will be very large. If the wire is not thick enough, the output will be blocked.

From the e-commerce platform to the offline market, we randomly checked more than ten types of solar lights like solar street lights, solar flood lights. The output of their control system is about 15W, because the peak current will reach more than 5A, but we surprisely found that they are using only a 0.5mm² wire. It makes the actual utput current is no more than 4A. As a result, even if the photovoltaic panel and battery configuration can meet the 15W requirement, but the wire cannot meet the requirement, the output is less than 12W, instead of 15W that it should be. 

Therefore, if some people are confused why two solar lights have the same configuration of battery and photovoltaic panel but light brightness different, now we have the answer.




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