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Is solar light with higher brightness better?

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Based on the solar light operating principle, it absorbs sunlight in the daytime, transfers the sunlight power into electrical power, and stores it in the battery set. At night, the LED light is powered by the electricity stored in the battery set, so that the solar light can light up. As we know, the total solar light lighting power is equal to lighting brightness × lighting time, therefore, under condiction that the total electricity stored in battery stays the same, the solar light brightness is in reverse proportion to the lighting time of the solar light. Therefore, when designing the solar light control system, we need to take into consideration both the solar light brightness and lasting time. For one thing, it is not right to only consider the brightness and ignore lasting time too short, and for another, the solar light is designed with long-lasting time but the brightness is super low, then the solar light can’t meet the lighting required in applications.  

We got other suppliers’ solar light samples from the market and tested them before. When they did the setting of the solar light, some of them will set full or high brightness of the solar in the first 10 minutes or 30 minutes so that they can convince the customers that their solar light is very bright, but at the same time after that 10 or 30 minutes, the solar light brightness drops too much and too dim to light up the area that required. This design is not good at all. When the dusk comes, we don’t need too much light from the solar light, when really at night, we should set the solar light in full brightness. If you waste too much battery electricity in the very beginning (when it doesn’t need to be that bright), it will cause not enough brightness for the time when it needs, because for solar lights, we always need to remember that consider brightness and lasting time at the same time and try to balance them based on true using applications. So for good solar lights, it is important to have a good control system for the brightness and lasting time setting.

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