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Judeng Solar light comparison test with other vendor's

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One of our customers wanted to buy this solar spotlight, he said our price is higher than the other vendor, also other vendor's solar light looks brighter than ours.
As we always say, for solar lights, don't focus on the lamp brightness only, think about the lasting time at the same time.
So we did this test as below.
Firstly, we keep both lamps light on till they run out of power. We put them outside under the sun for two days aiming at making both of them fully charged. After that, we turned them on at the same time.
During the first hour, the same as what our customer said, other vendor's lamp did look brighter, but this did NOT last long. One hour later, the other vendor's lamp's brightness dropped much (the one on the right), and their lamp began dimmer and dimmer. After 4 hours, no light at all.
When we say our lamp can last 10 hours, 12 hours, it really can. There are always other vendors selling the lamp at lower prices, but it is always true that you get what you pay for. That's all.

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