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How long is the charging time of a solar light?

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The design of LED solar lamps is different for civil use and engineering use. We use civil standards to explain the above problems.

Usually, we design with reference to the average sunshine time. In different regions and different seasons, the charging time needed is different. Therefore we usually use the sunshine time of the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn as a reference to design the solar light. The whole day charging time of solar energy is calculated from sunrise in the morning to sunset in the dusk, if cloudy days happen or some cloudy hours in a day, it will be counted as a rainy day.

The conventional design standard for civilian use is: If lasting time more than 3 rainy days needed, charging time is longer than 5 hours of usual illuminance supported, that is, about 10 hours of sunlight a day needed.

Solar lights are usually designed for >10 hours of lighting at night, but it should be noted here that it is a time-sharing illumination design, which means the brightness is high in the first half of the night, and for the rest of the time the solar light brightness is low. The design methods of different manufacturers are different, such as 1 hour - 100%, 2 hours - 50%, 4 hours - 30%, 3 hours - 20%, etc. At the same time, the lighting time is also related to the sun's intensity during the day and the sun's exposure time. When during daytime the sunlight is sufficient, the brightness at night will be strong, and the lighting time will be longer.




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