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How to maintain solar street lights?

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Solar street lights are simpler and more convenient than ordinary street lights in terms of design and installation, which makes it easy to be accepted by consumers. Moreover, the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and long service life have increased people's demand for its use. In normal use, paying attention to maintenance can extend the life of solar street lights.

Take solar panels as an example. In normal maintenance, check the azimuth angle of the solar panels to see if there are branches, leaves or other foreign objects directly blocking them. Whether it is in the shadow area of other objects, whether there are cracks, dust, or dirty lights on the surface. Whether the monomer has cracks and whether the connection is smooth are all within the scope of inspection.

In the solar street light system, the storage battery is the biggest difficulty in maintenance, because the service life of the normal storage battery is 2 to 3 years. During its life cycle, the charging and discharging of the storage battery should be checked frequently, and the electrodes or wiring should be observed at any time. Whether there is corrosion or poor contact.




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