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How to Know the Quality of Solar Lights

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When it comes to choosing solar lights, people always find hard as most of the solar lights look similar, how do people know which one is better than the others? What factors are the most important factors to good quality solar lights? Below are three main factors that decide the solar lights quality.


1. Recharging Capacity of the Photovoltaic Panels

The photovoltaic panel power directly influences the recharging capacity of solar lights. The photovoltaic panel power is decided by the efficiency and the area.

Photovoltaic panel power = photovoltaic panel efficiency ×photovoltaic panel area

For example, photovoltaic efficiency is 150w/m ², the area is 0.2m ², then the power will be 150w/m ²×0.2m ²=30w

Therefore, if the Photovoltaic panel size is set or limited, like in the all in one solar street lights, the high-efficiency photovoltaic panel can ensure good recharging capacity. Some suppliers use low-efficiency photovoltaic panel or bad quality that already with dead chips in the Silicon crystal or their chip packing finished not good for the silicon crystal, the recharging capacity will below.

Moreover, for the photovoltaic panel area, people need to focus on the Effective area that can absorb sunlight. Like the picture below, the size of photovoltaic panels are the same, but the effective area not, A sample is better than B sample.

all in one solar street light.jpg

2. Electrical Storage Capacity of the Battery

It is the most important factory to tell the good quality of the solar lights, as the appearance of batteries are same mostly, but capacity not totally. Most of the people don't have access to test the real capacity of the battery in solar lights. As to the solar lights batteries, there are 3 factors to decide the storage capacity.

a. The real capacity of the batter

Like the 32650 battery, people know it is 5AH, but based on the results we took samples from the market and tested, their real capacity is from 3AH to 5AH. If the real capacity is low, then it can not have the light effect out as it supposed to be. Low real capacity is the reason why some solar lights off after lighting for only 2-3 hours, or why the solar lights are fully charged only after 3-4 hours. It is because the battery capacity is not enough.

b. The internal resistance of the batteries. 

The solar lights batteries consist of several pcs batteries. The resistors are usually formed in parallel. If the internal resistance between the batteries is different, it will form an internal circulation and consume Capacity. It will lead to insufficient output which will seriously affect the battery lifespan. In other words, even the solar lights have very good quality batteries inside, if the batteries are not strictly divided and assembled, the solar lights battery lifespan will be short.

c. Protection of the batteries. 

To lower the production cost, many suppliers don't equip the solar lights batteries with protective panels, without being under the protection of overcharge and over-discharge, the solar lights batteries will probably in dead state and don't work at all. It is the main reason why some solar lights can not be recharged only after a short period of usage.


3. Light Head Quality of the Solar Lights

Solar lights are led outdoor lights, which require good waterproof function. Some solar lights suppliers are not good at producing outdoor lights, they fail to ensure the waterproof function to the solar lights, so during rainy days or moisture conditions, the solar lights housing will have water or moisture inside, the PCB or control board will be damaged, causing the solar lights to stop working finally.




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